Motor Experience

We offer you the following:

A motorized experience in the magical Arava Desert, offers you a different driving encounter close to nature.
We are located in MoshavEinYahav, on the Arava Road, 90, in the Arava, about one hour south of the Dead Sea hotels, an hour and a half from Eilat, and an hour and a half from Mitzpeh Ramon.

We have on offer a unique and exceptional field trip that will bring you directly in to the desert landscapes surrounding the Moshav. Tours depart from EinYahav, accompanied by experienced guides.

The Vehicles:

 A Tomcar is a dual seater or four seater vehicle for onedriver and one to three passengers respectively, which have an automatic transmission thus allowing for ease of navigation over and about the hills and Nachal bedswith no need for special driving abilities as driving is fun and simple, even for those unfamiliar with driving in desert terrain. Drivers undergo a driver briefing before embarking on a trip to familiarize themselves with the vehicles, and guides offer assistance and/or explanations along the way.
A regular driver's license or tractor license is required by law to navigate the vehicle. Passengers agesare limited to infants of a minimum of three [3] years of age and must be secured by an appropriate seat belt at all times during passage. No additional passengers are allowed on any part of the vehicle other than those so designated.

There are seven[7] dual seated and two [2] four seater vehicles (driver + 3 passengers), as well as a jeep. [5 person options.]

We cater for different parties from family tours with minimum age restriction as indicated above, couples and larger adult groups. The trips are in beautiful and challenging areas, with variations of highs and lowsadding to the excitement.We maintain all toursat a pace adapted to the desert terrain.Breaking off from the group is prohibited.

These tours are suitable for those who come to the desert and want to enjoy a different encounter in thecountryside, which cannot be reached by ordinary private car, in a unique and exciting desert experience that you will remember well.

What to expect on a tour :

Along the desert trails we stop at a natural dam, which was created by flood waters over the years. This is the NeqarotDam,where an instructor will prepare coffee / tea with cookies. Here you have the option to paddle in the dam water [if any] and parents are advised to maintain responsibility for their children. For those of you bird watchers many times there are migrating birds to be seen or local duck populations who frequent the dam. The guides will recall any information about the region's rivers, geology, water, and historic Spice Route, depending on the interest of the participants.

 Longer routes extendout to reach amazing views through the springs, NachalNeqarot, Sapir, Sapir Hill, the Ambulance hill, stream from Merzbah to HirbetKatsura and more.


1. 1.15-1.5 hou r trip to Neqarot  Dam, into Nahal  Neqarot, traversing exciting highs and lowsthen return.

2. 2-2.5 hour trip follows the "spring axis" to Nachal Nemiya on to Nachal Nekarot via spring axis to Neqarot dam then return "Ambulance Hill" / "Ms. Sapir" Namia, Nekarot, the ambulance hill deep in the desert - Nekarot–back to the dam.

3. 4 hourtrip to Givat Hamavuls + Ms. Sapir Namia, Ambulance Hill, Marzava River, Nahal Nekarot, continue to the accrual level.

4. 6 hour tripis a  "Classic Round trip" to Nemiya,Nekarot Short Hirbet and back.

5. Night tour: Afternoon: Nemiya, Ms. Sapir, NahalTzvira , night camp.... Morning: NahalNeqarot, Marzava.

Groups :

There is thepossibility to attach a jeep to the group, which is customary by our driver - its price is the same as a four-wheeler accommodating 5-6 people in the vehicle.
Additional jeeps can be added depending on demand.

 You can combine a breakfast, lunch, Puike,[cast iron pot] or whatever you needs which
can be combined with a field activity, customized to the character and desire of the group.

During the hot summer months, trips into thedesert with its romantic sunset shades of brilliant colors are a must, optionallysunrise trips for early risers, to discover the beautiful desert emerging from its night slumber where there is the choicetoinclude anindulging breakfast.

So in conclusion

You are cordially invited to the Arava for a special vacation, to break away from the daily stresses of urban existence, to come and relax in desert surroundings with its tranquil open spaces void of city disturbances. 

Between the wild landscapes of the desert and the prairie, there is great accommodation available within and surrounding Moshavim, additionally, there are Restaurants and other cool attractions for the whole family.Organized meetings with local people who are close to nature, will leave you with a tastefor more….

Give us a call, message by whatsapp,  or send email,  we will be happy to help in any way... and if this sounds like and adventure then it is recommended to arrange prior reservations in advance. We look forward to seeing you.


Gali and Yinon Luria

Ein yahav. Arava. 


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